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SOA & UML course in Stockport
(near Manchester)

22nd September 2008

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  eXtreme Programming

If your projects fail to deliver, then try to:
  • change the code a lot --- but without adding any extra functions
  • test the code before you’ve written it
  • havetwo people assigned to every task
  • let your customer decide what you develop
  • be much nicer to your customers --- let them change their minds
  • allowing any developer to change any line of code, anywhere, anytime

How can this possibly make sense?
Granted, it’s extreme. But it’s not crazy. These are among the practices of eXtreme Programming, the new lightweight method that's causing a storm in the software industry. They're based on the realities that all coders – but only enlightened managers – understand. And eXtreme Programming works!

The problem is change, therefore embrace it.

The way we organise and run software projects is influenced by one thing above all others: an unshakeable belief that code is expensive to change. But what if there was a way to make code cheap and easy to change?

Well, there is. For one thing, object-oriented programming has revolutionised the way we structure software, producing more understandable designs and reducing dependencies between software pieces. There are also some simple practices you can follow – such as continuous refactoring (re-organising) of the software – that give simple, maintainable designs.

And once you're in a position to make changes to the code throughout the project, you can be much nicer to your customers. You can let them change their minds. You can adapt to changes in business priorities. You can deploy partial solutions.

is a lightweight method that gives you:

  • a set of practices that will reduce the cost of change
  • a project process that takes full advantage of the ability to make changes

Just Do It…

works. There’s proof from a growing number of successful projects. But it requires stout hearts and strict discipline, especially at the beginning. XP isn’t an easy option: its rules may be different from what you’re used to; but it still has rules, and, as with any other method, you need to follow them to get results. You might also need help convincing others.

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