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SOA & UML course in Stockport
(near Manchester)

22nd September 2008

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 component design


what is it?

The Situation

    • Businesses need to change rapidly to adapt to their markets: offering new products, adapting their procedures, satisfying their customers' needs.
    • Business is supported by software, and changing the business means changing the software. All too often, business change is held up by the software.
    • It takes a long time to write software from scratch. Software is often difficult to change. 
    • If you sell software to a variety of businesses in the same domain, you would like to be able to use the same basic product, supplying an appropriate variant to each client. If you write the software for one business, you would like to be able to produce new variants as your client demands.

The Strategy

Component Based Development means building families of software products from a kit of parts. They may be bought or designed in-house; they may be tiny GUI widgets, or huge distributed applications; they may be wrapped legacy systems or new and purpose-built. In contrast to traditional systems integration, the components are designed from the outset to fit together in a variety of configurations. You satisfy immediate client needs by producing new configurations of the kit; longer term, you plan new components to work in new areas.

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