process adoption — CBD with Catalysis™, XP, DSDM, RUP

your requirements

Choose the right process for your needs and then customise it to fit your type of development. The one you adopt must be customised to fit your unique development needs.

Catalysis™ requirements

Catalysis™ is a process for developing components, objects, and frameworks in UML, that has been adopted by numerous large corporations and companies.  If your objectives are to create a flexible software architecture, Catalysis™ has proven its capability; with techniques to:

  • specify flexible components
  • achieve well decoupled design
  • capture reusable design patterns.

It is purely a technical process — the management side is left up to you.

DSDM, XP, and RUP requirements

DSDM is purely a management process, whilst RUP mixes management and software process. eXtreme Programming, XP, tries to avoid as much process as possible. Which is best for you depends on the type of organization you have, and the development you do.

Find out more about eXtreme Programming (XP), and whether it is right for your development.

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