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A poor process invariably leads to software problems, e.g. a purely use-case driven process usually results in monolithic applications, even if object/component technology is used to code.

definition We can help you define a process that fits your unique business and software development needs. It would be customize from our proven best practices. The process itself, can be Web-based. This is the ideal way to facilitate its use.

See our process definition solutions.

adoption When choosing to adopt a new development process, many choices will be unique to you. However, certain elements are essential. We can help you find and adopt a process that has the following vital elements:

  • models software on real business needs
  • produces and adds to an architecture — the framework for future work
  • uses the best practices of design, to create well decoupled objects and components
  • reduces development time-to-market

See our process adoption solutions.

requirements Requirement engineering is at the heart of a successful process. In particular your development process must take into account the certain fact that the requirements will change.

See our requirements solutions.

business modelling Business modelling is a vital, but often overlooked, step in your development process. The artefacts from the business model are an invaluable input into software design. But to be of use, your business models must be concise.

See our business modelling solutions.

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