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requirements for OO languages

There are many organizations that teach OO languages, but the vast majority use people who have little experience of actually designing OO systems. They have usually just learnt the syntax from the book. The benefits of training and mentoring from someone with many years project experience, and who is constantly involved in the design of real systems, are:

  • a far deeper understanding of the patterns that underlie OO languages, and can be used in OO design
  • an appreciation of how to write objects that are well decoupled, but still closely related to reality (well abstracted)
  • the ability to exploit the deep rooted benefits of objects, particularly the use of interfaces

XML requirements

XML has been adopted faster than any other standard, and for good reason. It fuels the move toward the shared online information that is e-business. XML is a very straightforward markup language, but its simplicity belies a subtle power. To exploit it, you need to figure out how best to integrate XML with your applications.

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