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Applications now have to fit in with the online market, eg deploy n-tier, and flexibly work towards B2B collaborations.

B2B application development requirements

Business-to-Business applications have revitalized online commerce. By shifting the focus from the consumer, problems of demand have evaporated. The application fulfils real business need, most often as a result of an existing business relationship. The difference in cost, speed, and ease of use; are decisive reasons to switch for your clients.

We can advise and help you carve out a niche in this new market. We can also recommend a low risk migration path.

n-tier application development requirements

The ubiquitous n-tier model and incumbent technologies — application servers, J2EE, COM+, and now .NET. How do you migrate to this stage and capitalize on benefits, such as:

  • scalability, performance, and security
  • transactional integrity, and easy messaging
  • language independence, standard configurable deployment

e-commerce application development requirements

A considerable factor in failure is the complete disregard paid to usability and even functionality, in many e-commerce sites. As with any selling, failure to put the customer first is fatal. Learn from the painful experience of others and avoid countless pitfalls. Model your site on a blueprint for e-commerce that has been refined and refactored through experience.

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