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OO Analysis is now well established. The advantages of using objects over a procedural / database approach are clear. Whilst the wrangling over methodology and representation has subsided, thanks to the universal adoption of UML.

Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) requirements

OO analysis is far more than just turning domain items as things. The real power of objects is in the separation of concerns and the collaboration between objects. These are the objectives of good analysis. Once you can see the benefit of a well decoupled design, you have made the object paradigm shift.

Many OO training courses treat analysis as a way to draw code in UML. They have completely missed the point, and such a practice is in fact a hindrance to writing code. We show developers that the real advantage in OOAD lies in the abstraction a model allows you. This is the stepping stone from requirements to code - Analysis that is abstract enough to model requirements, yet precise enough to design code.

methods requirements

There are many indicators of a good methodology, and considerable work is currently under way to define these qualities - for example, the agile methods movement. Our measure is simple — does it work? Anything that is too slow, eg requires too much analysis or documentation, simply will not work in reality. We have implemented a number of methods (UML Components, Catalysis, DSDM, XP, …) into a variety of processes. If you are looking to adopt a new method, we can help source one that fits your development needs.

UML requirements

UML's origins are in OO analysis and design, but you can use it throughout your development process. In fact we recommend you do. It is flexible means to express the business model, requirements, component specification, design patterns, and code.

We can help you adopt UML across the corporation or company, and help you realize the benefits of such a collaborative design effort.

tools requirements

As a company we are independent of any vendor — our role as impartial consultants demands this. However we can show you how to use and adapt the tools you do have to, and even customize them for you.

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