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Components achieve the ideals put forward for OO design, but they do it on a much larger scale. Ideals such as the reuse of services, increased scalability, flexibility across applications, reduced maintainence, and enterprise integration.

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We have helped many companies move from developing inflexible, monolithic applications; to adaptable component based ones. The CBD (Component Based Development) techniques we promote, are well proven within industry. Components have come of age, both in terms of the technology to support them and the agile methods to develop them. The benefits mentioned above are obtainable without overheads. In our view, it is a faster and less risky way to design software.

Our component modelling techniques are built on, and have added to, UML. TriReme technical director, Dr Alan Wills, is an industry expert on component design, and co-author of the Catalysis™ approach to CBD (Component Based Development).

re-engineering requirements

Re-engineering is as much about how to avoid re-engineering — how can you leverage what you already have. Ideally you want to leave replacing parts of your system, as long as possible. We can help you:

  • factor out useful parts
  • retrieve common business entities
  • encapsulate legacy areas
  • redesign using the open and industry standard UML.

OCL (Object Constraint Language) requirements

Do you need to precisely specify your components? Perhaps you outsource the development — we have a number of clients whose specifications are met by developers in other countries, such as India. Our consultants have helped shape the OCL standard — they are leading experts in the world today. Note, OCL is often only necessary for high integrity design.

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