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The model-based architecture approach to enterprise integration has become proven best practice — replacing technology islands with flexible enterprise components and frameworks.

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There are two ways to integrate your enterprise:

  1. 3rd party integration software
    • replacing one dependency with another
    • little prospect of moving forward
  2. create a common architecture
    • componentize your legacy applications
    • develop future applications inline with the architecture

We specialize in the common architecture approach, using design techniques to create the flexibility required in core enterprise components. We can help if you want to stop the endless cycle of vendor specific solutions. The model-based approach frees you from specific implementations and allows systems to adapt over time.

enterprise components requirements

When integrating your systems, you ideally want to encapsulate existing code but provide a common set of components to all applications. For example, just one customer component not one per legacy system. As well as shared entities, common functionality needs to be available as service components.

These are the objectives of our enterprise component design solutions.

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