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Business has become e-business, and your applications have to go online. Perhaps you need to move to new n-tier technologies, or start to develop a service-based architecture.

e-business requirements

The struggling e-commerce market is rapidly being superseded by more revolutionary change to an e-business marketplace. Whereas the cry to 'sell online, or fail' was overblown. The more subtle 'collaborate online, or lose those business clients who use computers', is a very real threat. We can help you with both the strategy and technology of online collaborations.

n-tier technology requirements

Application servers are rapidly swallowing all middleware technology, and your applications must be able to deploy to them. How do you move from what you currently use, to take advantage of the ubiquitous n-tier model?

service-based architecture requirements

To win in the technology market, you must focus on what you are specialist in. Your clients may wish to use your particular services online — perhaps to reduce cost or make their life easier. We can help you architect these Web services. Ideally your specialization will corner a niche B2B portal.

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