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case histories

Change requirements

A firm making telecoms admin software needed to change a very large and complex application. The change requirements initially were expressed as a series of short documents in English.

TriReme provided a training course on modelling and design, and later mentoring on the process for applying some of the Catalysis techniques to the project, together with help in defining an appropriate process.

Small teams took separate requirements and made models of them. This took about two weeks; each team found many ambiguities and gaps in the original requirements, which they believe would not otherwise have been found until coding, saving substantial time later on. The teams' models overlapped to some extent, and so were then integrated and refactored into decoupled packages.

A dictionary of 'retrieval' mappings was made, to clarify how the abstract concepts of the model were actually realised in the code.  This made it clear how to trace the requirements into the code, and pinpoint the places where changes were needed. An overall software requirements management plan was created to handle the refinements of any SRS (software requirement specification).

Business modeling

A rapidly-growing mobile phone company developed 'arthritis', with every expansion and procedural change becoming increasingly complex. A disparate collection of software in the various departments was fingered as the problem, and the IT division was charged with tackling the situation. With the assistance of TriReme, they began by making a model of the business. It soon became apparent that the same terms had subtly different meanings in different departments, causing miscommunication between people, quite apart from the sofware. The scope of the project was expanded to define common terms and consistent views of the business process. The resulting models were then used to define common protocols between the software.

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