The Government General Practitioner programme, a key programme within the Post Office, engaged TriReme to conduct a highspot review of our service development activities; with a specific focus on our technical build, utilization of tools and overall management of the area. TriReme were able, in a short space of time, to extract the key issues and potential risks, and provide plausible solutions in a well structured report, to help resolve these. The approach adopted by TriReme was professional and efficient; minimizing disruption to the programme whilst epitomizing the quality of the feedback. The programme was impressed with the organization and would not hesitate to reuse their services.   
Peter Osborne — Programme Manager, The Post Office

   Spirent Communications are the world-wide market leader in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and satellite navigation simulation systems, with over 300 major systems sold into 23 countries. We decided to move our software from OpenVMS to Windows2000 and redevelop it using object-oriented design techniques, UML and C++. We called in TriReme to advise and mentor us at the early design stage. The initial assessment identified some areas of inexperience in our software team and addressed this by running an in-house course on object-oriented design. This was tailored to our specific needs, concentrating on the transition from design to implementation and design patterns in C++. This was followed by consultation on specific aspects of our software design. TriReme, in the person of their consultant Jon Jagger, provided an efficient and professional service. This has been a valuable contribution to our new product and we would not hesitate to use TriReme again.   
Chas Billing — Software Team Leader, Spirent Communications

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