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OneIS is an independent company which helps knowledge-intensive organisations take control of their growing store of valuable information, making their working lives easier and their organisations more successful.

OneIS brings together the most useful features of information management, knowledge management, document management, collaboration, intranet, and contact relationship management and more into a single, affordable package.

Capiro is an independent company which offers consultancy, project support and training as well as coaching and mentoring in the field of requirements engineering and related areas.

Capiro has traditionally operated through intermediaries - consultancies and training companies who deal with the end client.

Capiro provides support for a comprehensive range of activities that combine to contribute to the endeavour to get things right first time. These activities include so called soft skills such as how to give effective presentations and conduct efficient interviews; these skills are essential to the analyst (requirements engineer) wishing to be effective in the role. The company also focuses on a range of interfaces to the requirements process. These include the interfaces to the business, to project management, to architecture, design and development, and to testing.

Capiro's preferred business model is to use the services of excellent and highly experienced independent consultants.

Penrillian produces advanced software for smartphones, tablets and wireless devices. Founded over 10 years ago, it is one of the most experienced developers of mobile technology in the world.

Penrillian is trusted to solve the trickiest technical challenges and has worked with all of the UK mobile network operators. Penrillian also works across all major handset operating systems, such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian.

Cross Channel Solutions and Multi Channel Commerce help medium and large sized companies achieve rapid growth by improving and coordinating their different channels to market, with a special emphasis on E-Commerce. The principals are accomplished professionals who have been responsible for the strategic direction and operational management of companies such as,, eBay, Disney, Sears, and MotoSport.

SolutionLink: Trireme International Ltd is very pleased to announce its partnering with SolutionLink, Republic of Korea (from November 2002), promoting and delivering Service Oriented Architecture and Component Based Development (SOA & CBD) training and implementation in Korea.

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