expert help

All TriReme consultants, trainers, and mentors have at least ten year's relevant experience.  Most of them are published, contribute regularly to journals, and speak at conferences.  Our business relies on the quality of the people we use, as can be seen in our testimonials.

Your first contact with us will usually be with a senior consultant, as it is our policy to get their opinion on every client's need.  Even a straightforward requirement can be vastly improved by tailoring the content to precisely fit your development needs.  See senior consultants for more information, including CVs for Ian Graham and Derek Andrews.

TriReme involves itself with the full spectrum of software in business.  To help teams through projects requires experience as well as expertise.  Wherever possible, we will provide people who have had experience within your business area.  

"Look for a mentor with knowledge and ability to transfer that knowledge.  Your mentor may be the most important factor in your project's success; it is worth paying for quality." Martin Fowler, 'UML Distilled'

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