Ian Graham


Ian Graham is an industry consultant with over 20 years experience as a practitioner in IT. He is recognized internationally as an authority on business modelling, object-oriented software development methods and expert systems. He has a significant public presence, being associated with both UK and international professional organizations in a responsible capacity, and is frequently quoted in the IT and financial press.

He is well known in the UK and internationally as a public speaker and writer on advanced computing and has published over 60 articles and papers. He is the author or editor of 9 books on the subject and his books Object-Oriented Methods and Migrating to Object Technology are rated best sellers in their field. He has lectured in 16 countries across 4 continents and is regularly invited to be a panellist and keynote speaker at major conferences.

Ian has been a Vice President at Chase Manhattan Bank and senior manager at the Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS Warburg). While at the latter he was engaged in a $500M re-engineering project. He created the System Development Methods for both Chase and SBC and acted as their chief specialist in object technology.

He began his working life as an actuary and subsequently moved to Civil Engineering where he worked on one of the largest computer models in the world at the time. The experienced thus gained led him to pursue a career in IT consultancy since 1979. The benefit of many project-based experiences has made him both an expert in his field and a mature practitioner with a sense of the realities of IT within organizations and the human side of computing. He splits his time evenly between consulting, change management, training and development work and has advised several major corporations at a strategic level in his areas of expertise.

Ian is the developer of SOMA, one of the first complete object-oriented software engineering methods, which is particularly suitable for business process re-engineering projects. He also was the original designer of the innovative SOMATiK software tool that supports the method.

Ian's main outside interest is Kung Fu where he has qualifications in several styles up to black sash.

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