Derek Andrews


Derek Andrews worked for one year as a Research Assistant in the Computer Science Department at Bristol University, designing and implementing a simple programming language for interactive computing.In 1970 he took a Masters Degree in General Relativity at London University and then taught mathematics for two years at a College of Further Education in the City of London. In 1972 he was appointed as a Research Assistant at Cambridge University and worked on various compilers for Algol 68.

This was followed by eight years with IBM at Hursley. During this period, he was the technical editor of the ANSI/ECMA/ISO PL/I Standard and, as well as writing part of the text, was responsible for the technical and editorial correctness of the document. He also wrote a formal definition of minimal BASIC using the Vienna Development Method (denotational) meta-language, META-IV, and also a version using the BASIS meta-language that had been used to define PL/I. He also worked on early OO languages as part of IBM's bid for what was to become the ADA project.

In 1981 he was appointed as Senior Lecturer and Head of Department in Computing at Leicester University to establish the Computing Studies Unit and to initiate a program of computing education and research. During this period at Leicester he was involved in writing formal specifications of the programming languages Pascal and Modula-2 and developing tools for prototyping software systems.

While at Leicester he carried out consultancy work for industry, in the area of Software Engineering and Formal Methods. The work has been mainly in advising on software engineering topics, though he was also been involved in advising on computer science education in general for IBM. He was also a consultant to the Open University for an advanced (postgraduate) course on software engineering, and prepared four units on software specification and development. Other consultancy includes work with Lucas on the use of Pascal as an application and system programming language, work with Learning Tree teaching (industrial) courses on software engineering and software development.

Since 1999 he has been working for Trireme concerned with UML and component based systems. Companies worked with include:First-e, Reef and Deutche Bank.

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