Workshops are particularly good at building modelling confidence and skill.

A workshop is an event used to review issues and push forward progress on a project. During a day or half-day, project members work together on key topics. A facilitator ensures that the workshop moves purposefully through a variety of activities designed to expose issues and improve communication and understanding within the team.

Typical workshop activities include: brainstorming to expose issues; subgroup discussion & report back, to focus and prioritize; 'goldfish bowls' to structure discussion in large groups. A workshop is an enjoyable event that results in definite and tangible progress. It results in better understanding of:

  • Position of the project;
  • Questions that need to be answered and possible solutions;
  • Priorities;
  • Roles of each team member.

TriReme consultants are skilled in running effective workshops. A workshop would normally be part of a larger programme of consultancy, and takes about half a day to prepare. Workshops move a team from the basic examples used in training, to experience of real project work, without the pressure. They are therefore a vital step in building confidence in new techniques, and ensuring their use.

Requirements workshops

Correct and complete requirements capture is critical to the success of software projects, and the right way to achieve this is through joint development workshops where all the issues are brought into the open. Experience shows that good facilitation is the critical success factor for workshops.

TriReme offers a complete workshop facilitation and requirements engineering service. Our experienced facilitators can guide your team from the initial mission statement to a full requirements model, ready for the architects and designers to assemble a solution. We can also supply a fully qualified requirements engineer to record the session and work with you to build the model - right there in the workshop. Alternatively we can train one of your own developers to take on this role. We can even organize the venue for you.

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