software development

Software developed with future-proof design.

TriReme can perform all or part of a development project to your specifications. Design work done by us is often part of a mentoring programme.

Our skills are in the most up-to-date methods and technology in software development. Few IT departments have all of these skills in-house. We can apply our skills to part or all of an application, to ensure a high-quality, maintainable, result delivered without the delays involved in training your staff.

We have skilled developers in a range of technical areas, including:

  • real-time;
  • small memory (e.g. Symbian);
  • enterprise components;
  • real-time systems; and
  • Web applications — e-business, e-commerce.

As well as in a variety of business domains, such as:

  • banking;
  • finance;
  • government; and
  • telecoms (PDAs).
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