project review

Regular project reviews keep you on track

A project review provides you with an experienced assessment of:

  • the state and direction of your project;
  • current problems and future risks;
  • recommendations for course-corrections or remedial action.

A review helps avoid possible expenditure further down the line. By applying the experience gained from involvement with many previous projects, a TriReme consultant will be able to foresee problems at an early stage, and help to resolve them. Where the project staff are themselves widely experienced, it is still useful to cast an external eye over the project at key stages. Where very significant resources are involved, this improves confidence throughout the management structure.

A review typically takes between five and ten days depending on project size. After an initial meeting, we will interview project staff, read documents, and write a report. Drafts will normally be discussed with key people before completion. The report will then be presented in a meeting at which the findings can be discussed.

Plans, specifications, models, designs, code, test materials and other delievrables will all be looked at. Where there is a significant diversity of technology, TriReme may involve more than one of our consultants. This will happen particularly if there is a recommendation for a significant change of plan.

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