project work

project management

TriReme can quickly take up the development or management of part or all of your project.

We have experience in many areas of development, coupled with strong design abilities. Our aim is to provide you with analysts, architects, or developers with experience to match your requirements.

We can help manage projects at any stage of development, and can provide the right specialist for each:

  • business process modelling;
  • requirements gathering;
  • requirements engineering; and
  • system specification.
  • analysis and design;
  • code development;
  • usability review; and
  • project review.

Existing projects can benefit tremendously from project reviews. A review not only checks software and design for qualities such as robustness, flexibility, and scalability; but also actively collects what can be learnt from the project. These patterns of experience, design frameworks, and language idioms form the your architecture — a plan and base for future development.


TriReme can also undertake software development work. We can provide you with skilled software developers in a range of areas, including:

  • real-time;
  • small memory (e.g. symbian);
  • enterprise components;
  • real-time systems; and
  • Web applications — e-business, e-commerce.
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