choice and adoption of OO languages
For Java, C++, Eiffel, C#, Object Pascal and Smalltalk.

how to make use of XML
Shows you how to use XML technology and standards.

intelligent and mobile agents
Get on the inside track in the next online revolution.

migration to Web services technology
Aimed to demonstrate how to design and deploy Web services, but also how to market them.

usability tests and studies
Massive improvements to your Web site and applications can quickly be made, by following simple patterns.

n-tier application development
Shares with you our experience and insight into the development of such applications.

best practice for B2B application development
Consultancy to show how to migrate business processes and software development in concert, to exploit B2B (Business-to-Business).

e-commerce research and strategy
How to exploit the online market within your area, and the technology required.

process | architecture | design | development
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