how to adopt UML
Advice on which UML-based method to use, and how to introduce it into development.

choose a methodology
We can offer this on a wide range of UML-based methodologies.

OO design review
We can review your designs, or help you with a redesign project. We are also qualified to perform a complete software audit.

customization of tools
Advice and assistance on how to customize products, such as those from Rational.

refactor with design patterns
Patterns let us input our design knowledge into your project.

apply process and modelling patterns (model frameworks)
Leverage on our experience using other types of patterns in domains similar to yours.

component design
Objectives are to review your component architecture or help construct one.

specify components in OCL (Object Constraint Language)
Let us write your OCL, for a clear specification of what your components do.

re-engineer with objects and components
Re-engineer core parts of your systems into flexible components.

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