process adoption — CBD with Catalysis™, XP, DSDM, RUP, UML components, …

complete solutions


process adoption — DSDM, RUP, XP, UML Components, …
Shows you how to customize each process in order for successful adoption.

adoption of Catalysis™
Advice from leading exponents of the Catalysis™ component-based approach to development.


DSDM management overview — 1/2 day


component based development(CBD) with UML — 2 days

Catalysis™ enterprise development process — 4 days

introduction to Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) — 1 day

high integrity design process — 3 days


using XP — 3 to 5 days

customizing RUP — 2 days + (dependent on how much RUP you need!)


We can provide you with mentoring on any of the topics covered in training.

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