application development

complete solutions


n-tier application development
Used our experience of global projects to learn best practices.

e-commerce research
Exploit the online market within your area, and the technology required.

developing B2B applications
Migrate business processes and software development in concert, to exploit B2B (Business-to-Business).


Introduction to J2EE and EJB — 1 day


develop Web applications with JSP and Servlets — 2 days

develop EJB components — 2 days

develop e-commerce applications — 3 days

develop n-tier e-business applications — 3 days

develop B2B applications — 2 days


n-tier application development — 2 day (tailored to your application server)


We can provide you with mentoring on any of the topics covered in training.


We can take over all or part of your development work.

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