HCI usability and UI design

The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to the main ideas behind Human Computer Interaction (HCI), usability, and User Interface (UI) design. The first part of the course covers the necessary theory. It requires participants to examine themselves, as well as other people and their cultures. There is discussion on how each culture affects the way that someone would view, use, and react to a human-computer interface. The second part is practical based: aimed at designing a very usable human-computer interface; as well as perform a usability evaluation.

Duration: 2 days


  • know how to build usability into software
  • understand why and how to make interfaces usable
  • know how people may use, or misuse, the interfaces you produce
  • be able to analyse users, the tasks, they perform, and the information they need to perform those tasks
  • practice in designing, conducting, and analysing usability evaluations

target audience

The course is suitable for anyone.

Different users and cultural contexts

  • Different users and cultural contexts
  • you, in your own culture
  • others in your culture
  • those from a different culture

HCI metaphors

  • metaphor descriptions
  • user descriptions
  • interface use descriptions
  • metaphor choice assessment

Interface design

  • usable interfaces
  • good Vs bad design
  • working designs
  • interface construction

Usability evaluations

  • usability inspection methods
  • rules for interface design evaluation
  • test set up the test
  • record observations and test results
  • interface improvements

Please note, when taught at your site, this course is customizable. Modules can be adapted, removed, added from other courses, or even created.


Day 1

  • Different users and cultural contexts
  • HCI metaphors

Day 2

  • Interface design
  • Usability evaluations

course instructor

The course is presented by one of our senior consultants, each of whom has at least ten years' experience in software development, and at least three years' experience as a trainer and consultant in a diverse range of application areas.

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