object and component specification with OCL

OCL is the label on the box for these new components — it tells you exactly what it does as well as its limits. TriReme's Alan Wills is one of the leading thinkers and writers on OCL (Object Constraint Language). He regularly contributes to work on the OCL standard.

Duration: 2 days

target audience

The course is suitable for analysts and architects familiar with OO design with UML. The course is extremely practical, developed and taught by consultants with at least ten years' experience in software design.


Ideally this training should be preceded by the following course: component based development with UML.

  • Class invariants
  • Constraints on associations and attributes
  • Collections
  • Manipulation of object collections
  • Pre and post-conditions
  • Modelling with OCL
  • Recurring modelling problems
  • Patterns of constraints

Please note, when taught at your site, this course is customizable. Modules can be adapted, removed, added from other courses, or even created.


Day 1

  • class invariants
  • constraints on associations and attributes
  • collections
  • manipulation of object collections

Day 2

  • pre and post-conditions
  • modelling with OCL
  • recurring modelling problems
  • patterns of constraints

course instructor

The course is presented by one of our senior consultants, each of whom has at least ten years' experience in software development, and at least three years' experience as a trainer and consultant in a diverse range of application areas.

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