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New Book By Ian Graham
Trireme CTO, Ian Graham's latest book "Requirements Modelling and Specification for Service Oriented Architecture" published by John Wiley & Sons 2008. Review the Table of Contents, or buy online by clicking on the book cover.
Business Rules Report
  Service Oriented Business Rules Management whitepaper Version 2 - now
includes Version 6 of Blaze Advisor

including Business Rules Tutorial - by Ian Graham-
Free Download
New course
Software Oriented Architecture with UML - please check our syllabus for detailed content
  Trireme’s Ian Graham is quoted on the back cover of an important new book by Jim Coplien and Neil Harrison: Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development (Prentice Hall, 2005). Further details: http://users.rcn.com/jcoplien/
 New Professional Services
  TriReme International is currently expanding its professional services in areas including business rules management and service oriented architecture.


TriReme has secured an agreement with ComponentSource in order to offer ComponentSource SAVE-IT® as part of TriReme's Enterprise Reuse Solutions, which include Consultancy, Training and Tooling.

ComponentSource is the world's largest marketplace and community for reusable software components for all platforms, and is first to market as a Software Asset Value Provider with the launch of SAVE-IT, Software Asset Value Engineering in Information Technology. With seven years at the helm of the component industry, ComponentSource is able to transfer its experience in running the world's largest reuse center on its public marketplace to the corporate environment. SAVE-IT is a mature three-pronged approach that establishes effective enterprise-scale software reuse and is the backbone technology for the National Software Component Exchange and private sector customers worldwide.

The respected barometer for the component industry, ComponentSource pioneered the open market for reusable software components in 1995, and continues to drive the market through its award-winning eBusiness model and groundbreaking work to establish the first widely accepted reusable component standard. A global eBusiness with customers in over 110 countries, ComponentSource is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA and has offices in
Reading, England. For more information, please visit www.componentsource.com


 Web Usability site

We have now released the first version of the WU website. The main new features are as follows:
- More pictures and thumbnails of them.
- First access is a nanosecond slower but caching speeds things up thereafter.
- Better adherence to the patterns themselves (we think) so better usability.
- You can now submit a new pattern of your own. (The idea here is to start to create a community of pattern writers in this area.)
- Everything is now driven from a content database.
- The whole site was generated using a modelling tool (described on the Coherence site if you're interested).

Features to be implemented in the next release(s):
- Semi-automatic generation of pattern sequences.(That should be up and running this month we hope.)
- Modify and submit an existing pattern (without having to type or paste it all in from scratch).
- The diagrams will be generated dynamically as new patterns are added.

One of the consequences of the last mentioned feature is that we now have a 'shell' into which absolutely any pattern language that conforms to the Alexandrian layout can be dropped. That means that, if you have written the text for a pattern language, you can create a website for it in a matter of hours (minutes if it's only a few patterns). It will have all the above features (and look like the WU site) automatically. We'd be really interested to know if this would be useful to you or your friends or colleagues, since we are toying with the idea of making it available commercially to companies that build internal pattern languages. We'll be at EuroPLoP in Irsee, so if you're going, talk to us there perhaps, otherwise a comment by mail would be very helpful.

You can access the site directly from here. However, if your browser is really ancient (e.g. Netscape 4) please use the old Wu Patterns site.



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