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SOA & UML course in Stockport
(near Manchester)

22nd September 2008

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A comprehensive tutorial on UML

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  Ian Graham


Some of Ian's publications:

Texts (sole or co-author)


Business Rules Management and Service Oriented Architecture, A Pattern Language, Wiley, November 2006.Trireme CTO Ian Graham's new book on BRMS & SOA, is now available. Review the Table of Contents and buy it online by clicking on the cover .

Object-Oriented Methods, Third Edn, Addison-Wesley 2001, pp 832

Requirements Engineering and Rapid Development: An Object-Oriented Approach, Addison-Wesley 1998, pp302

The OPEN Process Specification, (with B. Henderson-Sellers and D. Firesmith) Addison-Wesley 1997, pp314

OPEN Modeling Language (OML) Reference Manual (with D. Firesmith and B. Henderson-Sellers) Cambridge University Press (1997), pp276

Migrating to Object Technology, Addison-Wesley 1995, pp552 (French translation available)

Object-Oriented Methods, 2nd Edition, Addison-Wesley 1994, pp 473 (French, Japanese and Spanish translations available)

Object-Oriented Methods, Addison Wesley 1991, pp410

Expert Systems: Knowledge, Uncertainty and Decision (with P.L.K. Jones), Chapman & Hall 1988, pp363


Texts (editor or co-editor)

1. Research and Development in Expert Systems VIII (with R. Milne) Cambridge University Press 1991, pp274

2. Applications and Innovations in Expert Systems, bHr Group Press 1993

3. Proceedings of Object Expo Europe 94, SIGS Publications 1994

4. Proceedings of TOOLS 15 (with B. Magnusson, et al.) Prentice Hall 1995

5. Proceedings of Object Expo Europe 95 (with T. Wooding), SIGS Publications 1995

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