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SOA & UML course in Stockport
(near Manchester)

22nd September 2008

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  Derek Andrews

  specialist areas


  •  software engineering techniques involving object and component technology
  •  software development process improvement
  •  component-based and formal methods
  •  the mathematical aspects of system specification program development; and
  •  the mathematical development of small systems from formal specifications.

International standards
Derek has worked on:

  • Information technology - Programming languages, their environment and system software interfaces - Vienna Development Method - Specification Language Part 1 : Base Language, P. G. Larsen, H. Bruun, B. S. Hansen, N. Platt, D. J. Andrews (ed), et al, ISO/IEC 13817 - 1 : 1996.
  • Information technology - Programming languages - Part 1: Modula-2, Base Language, D. J. Andrews, R. Henry (ed), D. Ward et al., ISO/IEC 10514 -- 1 : 1996.
  • The programming language PL/I, D. J. Andrews (ed) et al, ANSI X3.53-1976, ISO 6160-1979.

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