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SOA & UML course in Stockport
(near Manchester)

22nd September 2008

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  software development process definition - Web-based


define a Web-based process for your development
We customize our process package to your development needs. First our researchers will observe your current practices and create a process analysis essay.  Then our senior consultants work with you to define a process for your unique software development life cycle.
The end product is an online document that all the stakeholders in development can interact with.  This is similar to Rational Unified Process (RUP), but much more lightweight and tightly customized.

We have created such a Web-based process for several corporations.  They have tended to be focused on the creation of enterprise components, and the process has reflected this.  TriReme's technical director, Dr Alan Cameron Wills, is co-author of the Catalysis™ software development process; which is geared precisely to the creating of enterprise components.  In particular, it addresses the need for a coherent enterprise model that accounts for

  • disparate, constantly changing systems - taking the only certainty in any software project, to be that the requirements will change
  • enterprise entities that are respected across these disparate systems - your legacy customer management system should be included in the model, as much as your latest e-commerce application; afterall the customer is still the same.
  • use cases encorporated with business modelling, to ensure that the specifications fit with enterprise model, and there is true coherence from requirements through to code.

    Process definition is very similar to process adoption, as the former will undoubtedly use good ideas from commercial or open processes.  Both definition and adoption require the tailoring of good process ideas and patterns, to the existing practices and desired future methods, of the company.

complete solutions for process definition (consultancy, courses, workshops, mentoring, seminars, development)

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