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SOA & UML course in Stockport
(near Manchester)

22nd September 2008

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  process adoption - Catalysis™ , XP, DSDM, RUP, UML Components, ...

process adoption - DSDM, RUP, XP, UML Components, ...
Shows you how to customize each process in order for successful adoption within your company or corporation.  For example, how to compensate for extreme programming disadvantages, or how to implement the management side of a process (DSDM is entirely about managing development).  Without proper management, any technical process is unlikely to be used properly.  

Our consultants can show you how to keep the management process low-ceremony; as well tailor the technical process to reduce time-to-market.  We promote agile methods, iterative and incremental development, and a component-based approach with UML.

We also have experience of customizing the Rational Unified Process.

adoption of Catalysis™
Catalysis™ is a UML-based process that covers all aspects of modelling software: requirements gathering, business modelling, system specification, component and object analysis and design.  This consultancy gives you an opportunity to receive advice from the industries leading exponents of the Catalysis approach to enterprise component-based development.

Catalysis™ is really a collection of techniques, such as how to use model frameworks, to develop flexible systems without adding overhead to the developer.  Catalysis™ adoption has been proven to actually reduce development time because it clarifies system design for the developer and makes inevitable changes and improvements easier.  It has been successfully adopted by many companies to tackle the burning issues of enterprise development, such as how to create an enterprise architecture with common entities (eg a single concept of the customer), common services, and collaborating components.

complete solutions for process adoption (consultancy, courses, workshops, mentoring, seminars, development)

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