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SOA & UML course in Stockport
(near Manchester)

22nd September 2008

Web Usability Patterns Site

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A comprehensive tutorial on UML

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  languages - OO, XML, ...

choice and adoption of OO languages
We can provide this for: Java, C++, Eiffel, C#, Object Pascal and Smalltalk.  We are often asked to help decide on which OO language to adopt, with current favourites being C# and Java.  Languages such as Smalltalk, Eiffel, and Object Pascal lack the marketing push.  However we still recommend that some companies continue with these languages, or even procedural ones, but only if their business and technical objectives can be fulfilled.

how to make use of XML
Shows you how to use XML technology and standards for Business-to-Business trade, or simply as a means to mark up company information.  Many clients have wanted to know how to use the XML standards for their type of organization. Others want to create that standard themselves.  

We also have requests for clients wanting to move from EDI to XML.  TriReme has worked alongside some of the standards organization, showing them how to use UML to model this transition.  Finally on a code level, developers want to know how to leverage the technology, eg how to create B2B applications in J2EE and XML. 

complete solutions for languages (consultancy, courses, workshops, mentoring, seminars, development)

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