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SOA & UML course in Stockport
(near Manchester)

22nd September 2008

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A comprehensive tutorial on UML

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 object oriented analysis and design - methods, UML, tools, ...


OO design review
The quality of your designs can have profound effects on future development time for improvements, as well as the time and cost of maintenance. We can review your designs, or help you with a redesign project.  We are happy for your analysts and designers to work alongside our consultants to see how they go about refactoring a design.  They could then implement the techniques for the remainder of the work.

We are also qualified to carry out a complete software audit, to guarantee qualities such as robustness, flexibility to change, and security.

choose a methodology
We can offer this on a wide range of UML-based methodologies - TriReme consultancy director Ian Graham has published the definitive book on the subject: 'Object Oriented Methods'; which is now in its 3rd edition.  We cover the full spectrum of development methods - business, management, and software.

how to adopt UML
Provides you with definitive advice on which UML-based method to use, and how to introduce UML into your development process.

customization of tools
Advice and assistance on how to customize products, such as those from Rational, to fit your unique development needs.  We also have experience of a wide range of IDEs and related technologies, in languages such as C++, Java, and Smalltalk.

complete solutions for object oriented analysis and design (consultancy, courses, workshops, mentoring, seminars, development)

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