Building pattern sequences with wu

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There are two examples of pattern sequences in wu on this site.

Designing a workflow-centric site Designing the wu site

To build a sequence, go through the patterns in numerical order asking yourself the same questions.

Next go through the patterns you have not eliminate starting always with pattern number 1. Follow the links in the resultant context sections. For each pattern you reach ask the same questions again and make sure you have considered each pattern in the opening context.
For a team development convert your conclusions into tasks, perhaps using Kent Beck’s idea of task cards (Beck, 2000). Each task should take only a few days to implement. Write tests for the tasks.
In the case of an existing site, ask also how it supports or violates each pattern. Then follow the same procedure to specify its redesign.
The author would be interested to know whether your site improves as a result and whether you have discovered any new patterns in the process or found flaws (of which there must be many) in the patterns in this book. You can contact him at