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Q. Is the site finished?

No. It will continue to evolve as I learn more. More images may be added, as may more patterns.

Q. What do you mean "refer to book"? Why should I buy the book when I can just look at this site?

Many of the illustrations in the book proved difficult to put on the site and are missing. You can see them in the book. The list of references is also not on the site and the book is comprehensively indexed and cross-referenced. There are also two chapters introducing patterns and HCI. It's much easier to read and refer to wu if you have a printed version next to you on your desk. I suppose you could print out the site's contents, but it would be very fiddly and would take up much more of your precious time than it's worth. If you then gave it to someone else it would actually be illegal ... and, finally, because I need the money!

Q. All right, your family's starving and the bailiffs are beating down the door, where can I get the damn thing?

How about www dot amazon dot the country you're in? Or a lending library perhaps. There's a link to the publisher's web site on the home page [click on the Chinese character].

Q. Why isn't there a search engine on this site?

We don't need one because the site map does the job adequately - at least I hope so [Click on Browse the language].

Q. What is the meaning of life?

Watch this space for the answer, I should have it in a week or two.