People who contributed to
wu or reviewed its patterns

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Frank Buschmann, Siemens AG, Germany;
Richard Dué, Thomsen Dué and Associates Ltd., Canada;
Paul Dyson, England;
Ian Graham, Trireme International, England; ( Email Ian Graham at this address OMITTING all the capital
Zs (so just trireme and ian). They are included here to reduce automated spam.")

Andy Harbach, SECURETRADING, Wales;
Kevlin Henney, Curbralan, England;
Nora Koch, FAST Applied Software Technology GmbH, Germany:
Mattias Larsson, Sweden;
Mary Lynn Manns, University of North Carolina, USA;
Sabah Merad, Anrad Ltd, England;
Linda Rising, USA;
Chris Simons, Princeton Softech, England;
Dave Sissons, Royal Sun Alliance Insurance, England;
Gareth Sylvester-Bradley, England;
Oliver Vogel, PwC Consulting, Switzerland;
Detlef Vollmann, Switzerland;
Jari Worsley, Hyperlink;
Uwe Zdun, Vienna University of Economics and BA;